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Rap de deus em ingles

Rap of god composition: kanell (the king of the rap) god, my father who helps me and that he follows me, he does not import what he happens, it protects me if i will be good it i choose me. he is the father who you in the sky, it is my trophy. that me of to the chance following in front aid decent, increasing i to be, not to be absent. it is of the peace, but not of the moleza, he has a son stronger than the hardness. the name of it is jesus, died in the cross, stops in saving them after three days if to make over again god is to rapper that it takes care of of people, in our environment, helps to grow with the true soul, is not trick, my to brother, mine flows, my friend because it is not thankful, in what it you it gave, does not matter what it happened. the life is ours, if agent is in fossa, problem ours. god gave seven days of the life of it, pra people and now it is a reason, life without bread. you of the moral, pra its concern is not as a dog (refrão) with the force of god is that we go to fight, with aid of our brothers is that we go to earn. 2x god who up there sees all dumb, to the times helps a deaf person whom the word of god does not hear the word of the messias, mr. of the universe verse palavra, words of king that transforms laws i explored, and knows? god mine sir my rescuer, my love, my kiss-flower, my fighting one? it who me is my to brother, that it waits me in the sky with love with esplendor, with a flower, waits me as a winner? god, i do not live for only living alive to love you?

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